A Woman Saved A Duckling From A Cracked Egg By Keeping It In Her Bra For 35 Days!

Kids Destroy Duck’s Nest, Woman Saves Cracked Egg By Carrying It In Her Bra For 35 Days.

People with determination and love for animals go a long way in helping to save a life. They will do many things to great lengths to ensure the safety and care of the animals. They give food, shelter, and medical care to their beloved animals. They even advocate for the animal’s rights and well-being.

This love for animals is also important in saving their lives. When a person truly cares about the welfare of animals, they take every necessary action to help them. This love motivates people to volunteer at animal shelters, donate to animal welfare organizations, or even adopt a needy animal. This story is about a good deed by a kind-hearted animal lover. Because of her actions, a duck is living a great life today.

Something unusual at the park that day

Betsy Ross is a sign language interpreter and a mother of three. She was playing pickleball with her family at a local park in Visalia. Suddenly they noticed that someone had smashed up the duck nests that were there. They were heartbroken by the sight. Why would someone do something like this? But then they spotted a lone egg. It had a small crack, but it was not leaking. Betsy's kids begged her to save it, and she agreed. That is how this duck's fate started to change.

A second chance at life

Betsy took the egg home and started researching how to hatch a duck online. She learned that the egg needed warmth and humidity and had to rotate it four to five times daily.

Why did Betsy not call the officials?

She called the wildlife organization, but they told her they did not take eggs. They said they would take the duckling if she managed to hatch it.

Betsy did her best to help the baby duck see the world.

Betsy used her body heat to keep the egg warm because she could not afford an incubator. She kept the egg in her bra, close to her skin. She thought her body warmth and moisture would be good for the egg. And she always took it with her, even when she slept. When she needed to take a bath, she gave it to her husband to hold.

Betsy kept the egg warm for 35 days. Then she heard small noises coming from it. She knew the baby duck was trying to come out of the egg. Betsy made a place for the egg to hatch using a plastic container, lamp, baggies, water bowl, and tape. She put the egg in the box and waited.

A small incident got Betsy scared!

But there was a small problem. The baby duck was trapped in the egg's skin. The skin was getting dry and tight around the duck. Betsy contacted a veterinarian for advice. The doctor said to wet the skin with water and carefully take it off. Betsy did what the doctor said, and the baby duck came out.

The baby duck came out of the egg halfway. But it was still attached to the yolk at the bottom of the egg. Betsy said this happened because the duck was born early. But she learned online that it was because the egg was not warm enough or the temperature changed too much.

First steps

Betsy put a wet paper towel around the shell and yolk and put medicine on it so it would not get sick. She was afraid, but it might not have been the best thing to do. The baby duck was weak after it came out of the yolk. It did not move or stand up for a few days. But Betsy did not stop helping it. She helped it to drink water.

One day, the baby duck started walking. Betsy let it swim in the bathtub and muddy water. The duck would sleep with Betsy during the day. When she went out, she made a small bag to carry the duck with her. The duck followed Betsy and made loud noises when it heard her voice. It seemed to know when Betsy left without it because her husband said it would sit and cry.


Betsy knew that the duck could not stay with them forever. He needed to be with other ducks and learn how to survive in the wild. Betsy contacted one of her contacts in the animal rescue community and discovered a nearby rescue farm.

Betsy was sad to say goodbye to the duck but was also proud of her actions. She had saved his life and given him a chance to grow up. She hoped that he would be happy and healthy in his new home. Now, the duck is happy and has a new human friend who loves it.

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