Real-Life Examples Of Heartbreaking “Urban Hell” That Reveal The Dark Side Of Modern Development (50 Pics)

Imagine waking up in a world of smoky cities, rivers full of garbage, all the trees covered with plastic, the streets all buried in piles of waste, the sky invisibly polluted, the rivers becoming dystopian concrete. You can find them at r / UrbanHell. Its members share the group’s description as “sharing all the dangerous places that people have built or inhabited”, and you can see that these are not beautiful. You can see the sad reality of cities around the world in these pictures. One part of the world’s population is miraculously developed and living comfortably, while the other part is lost in a world of suffering dystopia. Scroll down below for real-life examples of heartbreaking urban hell that reveal the dark side of modern development, often invisible.

#1 Houses On The Roof Of An Eight-Story Mall In Zhūzhōu, China

#2 Literally, Just Thanksgiving Traffic In La

#3 Cairo, Egypt

#4 Ghost City In China, Made To Be A Replica Of Paris – Tianducheng

#5 People Offering Prayers At River Yamuna, India, Which Is Frothing From Industrial Waste

#6 An Interesting Perspective I’ve Stumbled Upon In Macau AYear Ago

#7 Petare, Venezuela

#8 Before And After A Desert Is Turned Into A Soulless Suburb Of A Desert. Jk, Its A Single Photo Of Arizona

#9 Naples, Italy

#10 Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. Comparison Of 1964 – 2016.

#11 Electrical Wiring And Water Pipes In A Brazilian Favela

#12 People Living Next To A Helicoidal Street In Chongqing

#13 Johannesburg, South Africa

#14 Downtown Seattle, In The Heart Of The Retail District

#15 Progressive Insurance’s Call Center

#16 Hyderabad, India

#17 All Residents Of Whittier, Alaska Live Inside One Building

#18 Manila, Philippines

#19 Somewhere In Brazil In The 90’s

#20 Baghdad Between Then And Now!

#21 One More Lane Will Fix It

#22 Billionaire Vijay Mansion Atop A Skyscraper In Bangalore, India

#23 Dubai, The Hollow City Of Artificiality

#24 Mirny In Siberia, Russia

#25 Ah, Good Old Car Culture…

#26 Chongqing, China

#27 Block 23, New Belgrade, Serbia

#28 Nobody: Southwest Us Developers:

#29 A Boy Gathers Recyclable Items From A Semi-Dry Drain, At Taimoor Nagar In New Delhi

#30 Highway Built Through The Downtown

#30 16-Lane Highway Built Through The Downtown Where A Market Square Used To Be In Moscow, Russia

#31 Inequality In Tembisa, South Africa

#32 Trees

#33Magnitogorsk, One Of The Worst Polluted Cities In Russia. Only 28% Of The Children Born In The Town Are Fully Healthy

#34 A Photo Of Central Park During The Great Depression (New York)

#35 Norilsk, Russia

#36 Town Square In Bartoszyce (Poland) Before And After

#37 Burj Al Babas, Turkey (The Largest Ghost Town In The World)

#38 Residential Building In Hong Kong, Shot By Me On 35mm Film

#39 Mumbai, India

#40 Not A Very Romantic Scene

#41 The Capital Of California

#42 San Francisco, USA

#43 Hong Kong Street Life

#44 The Annual Monsoon Ritual Of Mumbai's Ocean Giving Back What Has Been Dumped In It

#45 New Delhi – During Lockdown vs. Now

#46 Uae Nad Al Sheba III Neighborhood

#47 Beirut Port

#48 Hong Kong

#49 It’s Baffling How Fast It Changes

#50 Hotel In Łodz, Poland