20 Mind-blowing Photos That Were Taken At The Perfect Moment!

Mind-blowing Photos That Were Taken At The Perfect Moment!

You can capture a perfectly timed photo in many ways. You can take it with the proper lighting and angle. Or sometimes you could be right there at the exact moment when something incredible happens to snap that photo. Some photos can be funny, mesmerizing, or will leave you speechless at first look. Their perfect timing makes them perfect.

There are so many perfectly timed photos out there, but we have picked out 20 of the most unbelievable ones for you to see.

#1 Time has come for the flying ships

Image Credits: imgur

This is a well-timed shot of Sutro Tower in San Francisco. Do you see an old ship floating in the sky? Do not be fooled. It is a work of the fog.

#2 Mate, what are you doing in public?

Image Credits: Bored Panda

This photo captures a funny moment at Tuileries Garden in Paris. A man is sitting and relaxing, enjoying the beautiful scene. But then, a jet in the fountain starts shooting water right in front of him. And the photo looks like he is peeing. Isn’t it amazing how a different angle can change the whole picture?

#3 There are only five rings, right?

Image Credits: Reuters Olympics/Luke MacGrego/Facebook

The moon adds a sixth ring to the Olympic logo in this amazing shot. It is all about timing and being in the right spot!

#4 Who trapped Tommy in the bubble?

Image Credits: Fizzgig11/imgur

Check out this perfectly timed photo of a dog in a bubble! It looks like this cute pup is actually inside the bubble.

#5 A perfect shot?

Image Credits: 9ocop/imgur

Take a look at this amazing shot of a statue appearing to grab a plane by its tail. Timed photography skills!

#6 Who knew Cyclops had a daughter?

Image Credits: @PoppysDaddy2017/Reddit

This perfectly timed shot taken at a cinema shows a lady on the screen shooting lasers from her eyes.

#7 Birds got the assignment right!

Image Credits: DanRobson1/imgur

You can see Red arrows in flight in this shot. And who is that? Is it a seagull joining in on the action? How lucky should you be to capture this moment?

#8 Hello, Mr long hands!

Image Credits: imgur

This photo looks like the man in the back has super long arms and touches the girl's shoulder to give her a surprise.

#9 Is this the Fish Man?

Image Credits: Perfectly Timed Photos

Check out this hilarious photo taken by Nick Kelly. A fish swims in front of a snorkeler at just the right moment and makes it look like he is a fish with a human body. It is hilarious!

#10 Who freezes the time?

Image Credits: @PhotoKaz/Reddit

This photo captures a drop of ice cream mid-air. Is this a perfectly timed shot?

#11 I marry WHO!

Image Credits: Bored Panda

When your dream owl photobombs your wedding photo at the perfect time!

#12 When a jet pilot rides a Rollercoaster

Image Credits: Reddit

Check out this awesome photo of a roller coaster ride with a jet flying by! The contrails make it look like the coaster is blasting off into space.

#13 I have questions!

Image Credits: imgur

No need to think dirty thoughts! This is just a cute photo of a baby lying on its mom. But you might have to do a double-take at the baby’s feet because it looks like something else entirely.

#14 Meet real-life Bojack Horseman

Image Credits: NoLongerThatGuy/imgur

Take a look at this hilarious shot of a horse photobombing a human.

#15 Is it too late to save the beer?

Image Credits: @mister_record/Reddit

Check out this perfectly timed photo of a baseball about to hit a guy’s beer at an Angels vs. A’s game. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

#16 A cat with a rainbow?

Image Credits: nicholasm00/imgur

Take a look at this perfectly timed shot of a cat with a rainbow appearing to come from its behind. The owner captured the moment just right, with the rainbow reflecting from the window.

#17 When you start smelling food, you have to run!

Image Credits: @Moby-King/Reddit

You have got to see this photo of a guy who looks like he is walking on water. He was actually thrown from his boat in an accident, but luckily he was not hurt. The photographer snapped the perfect shot at the perfect time.

#18 Is she already possessed?

Image Credits: imgur

Mom and Dad will have to be more careful with their daughter’s reading materials.

#19 Not in the face! Not in the face!

Image Credits: imgur

Surfer’s like, I should have stayed in the water after the win.

#20 Looks like he is waiting for the seven dwarfs

Image Credits: Velcroscratch/imgur

This photo might look like Snow White at first, but you need to look closer. It is just a dude chilling in a cafe.