Marathon Runner Pauses To Rescue stray Puppy And Carries Him For 19 Miles.

Khemjira klongsanun, 43 years old Thailand woman who enjoys running and won some races. In one of her recent marathons in Ratchaburi in western Thailand, she showed she is a good athlete and has a kind heart.

Khemjira was in 7 miles from in her 26 miles in a marathon. Then, she saw dodging something on the road. It is a stray Thai bangkaew breed puppy.

After seeing the little puppy with no mother and there no house nearby, she decided to pause the race and help the puppy. So instead of leaving the puppy behind or giving her to someone, he picked the puppy all the way to finish the race.

She finally finishes the marathon with the pup is in her arms. She was very happy because she had rescued a poor puppy. This heartwarming moment is captured on a video, and everyone is touched by her kindness.

After the race, she tried to find the puppy’s owner, but no one came to find her. She concluded that the pup had been abandoned, and she took the pup to her home and pup’s name was Nom Chom. Puppy now has a loving home and. She will be happy and loved by her human mom.

Klongsanun said that the Nom Chom is a brilliant boy and he is going to be happy living with us.