14 Photos That Unveil How Hard-working Bumblebees Are

Sometimes bees will fall asleep in flowers.

What makes bumblebees cuter than an ordinary bee are their fluffier butts. These little busy bees work all day, fluttering their tiny wings through flowers. Just imagine how happy they must be to see plants full of flowers. Oh! It must be like seeing a yummy burger when you are starving.

But do they only drink nectar? No, they are very hard workers, harvesting and storing nectar for the

They are exhausted after long work hours and usually find a cozy flower to fall asleep on. Usually, their cute butts are covered with pollen and are sticking out of the flowers while they nap, a big lesson from such a tiny bee. As much as you need to work hard, you must also get some rest.

#1 OMG! The butt has been covered with pollen!

Do you know that they live in smaller groups than honey bees?

#2 Sometimes, you just have to stop and sleep

They can differentiate between the flowers they have visited and new ones.

#3 That is one clean butt!

Male bumblebees cannot sting

#4 Messier the butt, cuter the bee!

Bumblebees have small wings and big bodies.

If you see any tired bumblebees, you can give them a slight energy boost so that they can get back to flying around. Mix water and WHITE sugar in a ratio of 1:1 and offer a few drops to the tired little bee using a teaspoon or a small bottle lid placed upside down. It will slowly drink the sugar water, get its energy back, and fly away.

All you have to do is give it time and watch from a distance!

Ensure you do not use brown sugar or store-bought honey, as their little tummies cannot digest these well.

#5 What a great spot to hide!

All working bumble bees are females.

#6 Totally pollen for you!

They live in underground nests.

#7 Just nap even when the flower is too small for you.

They use smells to communicate with each other.

#8 Bee positive no matter what!

They are not aggressive, unlike the honeybees.

#09: Or you can pretend to faint!

They play an important role in pollinating plants. Pollinated flowers go on to become fruits so no bees would mean no food.

#10 To bee or not to bee???

Bumble Bee Queens spend most of their time resting.

#11 Butt or face, you never know!

#12 It is okay to bee a bit clumsy!

#13 Buzzing through the flowers…

#14 As cute as I can bee…

Bumble bees are a significant group of insects for the survival of nature and every other species. Make sure you plant lots of bee-friendly flowering plants and help save them.