Can Water Be A Key Part Of Bronze Fountain Sculptures? YES!

Many mediums of art reflect the thoughts and desires of artists. Paintings and sculptures are the primary modes that express ideas most aesthetically. We see many sculptures presenting their fabulous work through different materials and mediums.

Metal or bronze work is one of the most popular. Apart from that, we see the marble sculptures. It is also one of the most fascinating mediums that can do miracles.

When you look at bronze as a material, it has its way of expression. The bronze sculptures are solid and elegant but can show whatever feeling the artist needs to express.

Here, we will unveil a sculpture artist who blends water with bronze fountain sculptures.

This is a story about some unique sculptures done by one of the Polish sculptures.

She is Malgorzata Chodakowska, a Polish sculpture artist born in 1965. Her sculptures are highly expensive.

Malgorzata Chodakowska is the excellent personality behind all of these beautiful creations. She was able to take the sculptures to a different level. Her experience in the field is more than 30 years. She usually takes 2 to 6 months to complete a single piece of sculpture.

There is a deeper meaning behind the bronze fountain sculptures. According to the artists, water, and bronze are a perfect combination that shows the joy of life. The process is rather long. She starts the sculptures in clay and then pours the liquid bronze into them. The artist must complete making the bronze sculptures before turning them into fountains.

These sculptures are different from many usual sculptures you see. Where there is a fountain sculpture, you feel there is a physical presence. The water is the most essential part of completing the sculpture. Seeing the water gushing out from the sculpture is natural yet unique, forming a different expression.

Another important fact is that she pays a lot of attention to details. Most of her sculptures are detailed, even with the finest detail paid much attention. When you look at their faces, you see the expressions well. But the expression you will see without water will be much different from what you see with water. This is the unique feature of this fountain.

The technique she uses in these is quite simple. She has placed the water nozzles and sprinklers in palaces that would give a very decorative effect. But we must remember that she has given so much attention to how the water would flow from the sprinkler once it flows. It is the key feature that determines the aesthetics of the fountain. The total visual impact depends on how the water flows across the sculpture. In this case, the artist needs to have a very sound knowledge of the techniques of water sprinkling and the effect that she needs to create precisely with it. The artist of these unique bronze sculptures is highly successful in her attempt.

Usually, when you mention a statue, you get the idea of a composition of some rigid materials. But in this case, it is the opposite. No one would imagine that a sculpture could be completed with the help of overflowing water. She has broken the rules of sculpture and added a new sense of aesthetics.

The other surprising fact is the talent of this extraordinary artist to create unique sculptures with soft and subtle movements and postures that would blend very well with the movements of water.

Though they are built in rough bronze, all the sculptures have a calm and soft feel. The rhythmical movements of these sculptures are well complemented by the water movements. It is indeed a brilliant idea to express your thoughts. And no one would ever imagine that the two exact opposite materials, water, and bronze, could team up to create something so unique as this.