A mother hen turns herself into an umbrella to protect her babies from the heavy rain

Mothers are creators of their children, no matter whether they're animals or humans. Every mother cares equally for her baby. Mothers are known for their unconditional love and will do whatever it takes to care for their children.

Animals show us how they respond to changing conditions as mothers. This touching story was told in India and will warm your heart. It was a mother chicken showing her maternal love for her children.

In the video, a small brood of chicks is snuggling with their mother hen. The feathery mommy spreads her wings to cover them during the rain. The wings act as a living shelter for the chicks. The umbrella is a living shelter for the chicks, so they can stay covered until it stops raining. They are kept warm by an umbrella.

Like many parents, she was not concerned about her feathers getting soaked by rain. She was more concerned about keeping her chicks comfortable, warm, and dry. That is so beautiful!

The videographer captured this at a local fish market during heavy rain. Mother's love is everywhere, even in heavy rain.