A coffee shop in Greece lets stray dogs stay at night

A coffee shop in Greece lets stray dogs stay at night 🐕♥️

Pet owners often abandon their pets when they cannot care for them. Some pets are fortunate enough to receive good care, while others remain stray animals. Many countries have lost dogs. Stray dogs can be a problem in Greece. There are over 1,000,000 of them wandering the streets, looking for food or a place to sleep.

Some people can make a difference for these animals, fortunately. Hott Spott provides a safe place for animals in need.

Image credits: Google Maps

This incredible place is located in Lesbos. It is a regular cafe that serves food during the day. It is open at night for dogs to sleep in.
The dogs go to sleep every night when the bar closes. The unidentified waiter said they had no problem with this.

He said that dogs were found on the couch at night, as he recalls from July 2013.

Image credits: Eustratios Papanis

Lesbos have more than a problem with stray animals. There is also a refugee crisis. Eustratios Papanis was the one who took that viral photo. He said locals had shown greater solidarity in dealing with humanistic and environmental issues. He is pleased about the younger, more informed generation.