7 Years Old Boy wins ASPCA Kid Of The Year Award For Rescuing Over 14300 Dogs

Roman McConn, is a seven years old boy from Augusta. He loves animals so much, especially dogs and cats. Roman has saved more than 1,300 dogs and 50 cats from disasters since he was four years old; for these, he gets awards from ASPCA as the kid of the year.

Roman started rescuing animals on his 4th birthday. He said his family and friends do not give him any gifts and use that money to help the animal rescue organization.

Roman said that he helps dogs to find a good home for them. I think many other kids should help animals like what I am doing.

His mom and family members help to this animal rescuing project. Project Freedom Ride is an organization that helps to rescue and transport animals from overcrowded shelters in Georgia and Texas and other places.

His mother posted a video on Facebook that Roman was playing with rescue dogs. Potential adopters can see how sweet the pups are.

Roman’s mother posts on Facebook and explains that it is essential for the dogs that I give them the best chance of finding a good home for them.

Now Roman is young; he tries his best to help innocent dogs and animals because each of them gets a better life than those in shelters. He hopes that other children will hear his story and be interested in helping and rescuing innocent animals in their area.

Roman received an award from ASPCA for animal rescuing, and we agree that he is the person suitable for this award. This little boy is an excellent example for everyone.