50 Reasons Why Iceland Is A Unique & Fascinating Country

50 Pics That Prove Iceland Is Unlike Any Other Country.

Iceland is a fantastic country with so much to explore. There is always something new to discover, from its natural beauty to its history and culture. Here, we are going to unveil some cool facts about Iceland and take you on a journey through this unique island nation. So, sit back and enjoy the ride through the land of fire and ice.


The men of Iceland learned the hard way what happens when women unite for a cause. Now their country is a shining example of gender equality.

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Nature put on a show with the polar stratospheric clouds over Iceland. What an amazing sight!

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An Icelandic tourist proved that a picture is worth a thousand words. The tourist drew a map of Búðardalur on an envelope, and the postal service delivered it without an address.

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#4Iceland is full of surprises. Check out this vibrant street with its rainbow tiles and festive string lights.

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This Icelandic landscape is a masterpiece of nature. The combination of winding rivers and roads, the majestic mountains, and the serene sky create a breathtaking view.

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Do not miss out on Elephant Rock on Heimaey Island, Iceland. This natural giant elephant statue is a must-see for any traveler.

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This beautiful photograph taken in Iceland captures the perfect harmony of the black beach, the blue sea, the yellow river, and the green fields.

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Driving down the Viking Sword Road in Iceland is like journeying through time. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes and rich history.

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Iceland is full of rainbows in the sky and on the ground. Their colorful paths show support for pride, diversity, and acceptance.

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This hotel phone in Iceland has a special feature that you have never seen before. A button that will wake you up if there are Northern Lights in the sky. How thoughtful and convenient.

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This information in Iceland reminds us to take care of and respect the area's natural beauty with all the details worded explicitly.

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Iceland is serious about protecting its natural beauty. This sign-in is a clear message to visitors to help keep the area clean and beautiful.

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Icelanders have found a smart solution to winter snow. Geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks mean no more shoveling.

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In Iceland, even pedestrian crossings are works of art. This town painted a 3D crossing that looks like floating blocks to slow down

Image Credits: Gústi Productions


This white arctic fox is a symbol of Iceland’s unique wildlife. It’s the only land mammal native to the country.

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Reykjavik, Iceland, is breaking gender stereotypes with its work signs. See how they feature a female worker digging with a shovel.

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This aerial view of a glacier river in Iceland is a work of art. The zigzagging water and intricate network of channels create a mesmerizing sight.

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The Icelandic Pledge reminds tourists to be responsible and respectful when visiting the beautiful country of Iceland.

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The trees in Hólavallagarður Cemetery, Iceland, are a touching tribute to the deceased and a way to honor an old Norse tradition of planting trees on graves.

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Do you see the poster under the camera? In Iceland, it is a playful warning that you’re always being watched. Every breath, every move, and every step.

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In Iceland, people put teddy bears in their windows to create a fun 'teddy bear quest' for kids. How cute is that?

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This cottage with a grass roof and red chimney in Iceland is the perfect place to escape from the world.

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The cloud-like pattern on the window of this flat in Iceland makes it feel like it is floating in the sky.

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Iceland’s rocky beaches are so stunning. Even on a cloudy day, the full-color picture looks entirely grayscale.

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Standing on the glass floor between the North American and European tectonic plates in Iceland is like standing on the edge of two worlds.

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Even the sheep in the Westfjords of Iceland know to take shelter in a tunnel when a bad storm blows over.

Image Credits: Thorhallur_Bjornsson


The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the perfect place to soak in a geothermal hot spring and forget all your worries.

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The heart-shaped stoplights in Akureyri, Iceland, add a touch of charm to the city's streets.

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Reykjavík looks like a winter wonderland after a snowstorm. See how the city is covered in a soft, white snow blanket.

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This painted quote on the side of little cafes in Iceland invites you to enjoy the ride of life.

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Iceland’s Minister of Health, Óttarr Proppé, is rocking out on stage in his pink pants and gloves.

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In Iceland, even the most dangerous natural phenomena, like lava flows, can bring people together in wonder and amazement.

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It is incredible to think that you can witness a volcano erupting just a short distance in Iceland.

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The last McDonald's burger sold in Iceland is a piece of history preserved in a display case for all to see.

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The heads of the Icelandic krónur coins are adorned with beautiful depictions of national marine species, from fish to crabs.

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Have you seen a black church before? Here's one from Iceland?

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The oldest church in Iceland is a hidden gem. It’s nestled in the wild and surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

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In Iceland, the sheep population outnumbers the human population by more than double. Look at a flock of sheep walking along a winding road in this peaceful image.

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Even the rooftops of restaurants are tended to with care in downtown Reykjavik. Yep, that’s an Icelandic girl watering the grass roof in this image.

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The Laugarvatnshellir Caves in Iceland are home to a unique house built into a hill. See how they blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

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Iceland's latitude is so unique that even satellite dishes don't have to point to the sky.

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Iceland’s speed bump and crosswalk signs look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie!

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The Aurora Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland has a ‘Where Are You From’ map covered in colorful pins from visitors worldwide.

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Icelandic condoms come in nature-themed designs. You can enjoy the beauty of Iceland while staying safe.

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Reykjavik is full of creative surprises. Check out this gate made from an old bike.

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Someone finally got the signed picture from the Icelandic mayor, and it's even better than expected.

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In Þingvellir, Iceland, you might come across a scuba crossing sign instead of a regular pedestrian crossing sign.

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You will not find ‘Ranch’ flavor Doritos in Iceland. But you can try the ‘Cool American’ flavor instead.

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Drinking straight from an Icelandic glacier is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Icelandic glaciers provide some of the finest H20 in the world.

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Even a trip to the convenience store can be an adventure in Iceland. Check out this one in Reykjavik with a well as you walk in.

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