30 Fruits And Vegetables That Look Like Other Things

Nature is the environment around us, and nature is fascinating because it never surprises us. Today we are talking about different shaped fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, some of those fruits have dangerous shapes. You will be amazed to see these fruit and vegetables in the gallery below.

#1 After Stewing In His Emotions, Emo Veg Comes To The Conclusion That The Root Of The World’s Problems Is That People Don’t Seem To Carrot All

Image source: obvincognito

#2 The Evolved Radish

Image source: DEHAMA

#3 Going To Have To Eat This Chicken As It Hasn’t Laid A Single Bloody Egg Yet

Image source: Grove Farm, Bonnyrigg

#4 This Tomato Looks Like A Duck

Image source: 266785

#5 Baked Potato

Image source: meebit

#6She Thought He Did Not Carrot All, But He Bought Her 21-Carrot Ring

mage source: imgur.com

#7 Kawaii Gourd

#8 Alien Pickle

Image source: MaxMelisson

#9 Foot Shaped Radish Goes On Display

Image source: Nine_Fingers

#10  This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

Image source: Moby-Dickens

#11 That’s A Sweet Beartato

Image source: TheHighFlyer

#12  This Banana Looks Exactly Like My Mom’s Dog

Image source: imgur.com

#13 Naughty Pears

Image source: imgur

#14 he Goddess Lives

mage source: brianingram

#15 This Strawberry Looks Like A Butterfly

Image source: sicknickmondo

#16 F**k You Too, Broccoli

Image source: imgur.com

#17 17 I Thought There Was A Severed Finger In My Fruit Bowl. It Was Just Some Ginger

Image source: Seawench41

#18 This Onion Looks Like An Angry Bird

Image source: imgur.com

#19 This Yam Looks Like A Human Hand

Image source: pm_me_ur_bussy

#20 This Tomato That Grew In Our Garden Is Shaped Like A Butterfly

Image source: Kr1tya3

#21 This Pumpkin In Our Garden Split And It Looks Like It Has Teeth

Image source: lokigivesmeloves

#22 An Exceptionally Suave And Sophisticated Daikon Radish

Image source: the2belo

#23 Let Us Out

Image source: kabloona

#24 24 This Potato Looks Like A Seal

Image source: Neb519

#25 25 The Skin On My Apple Kinda Looks Like The Silhouette Of A Camel

Image source: Natalia_Kelly

#26 Hmmm

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Best Eggplant Ever

Image source: stormrazor2

#28 My Carrot Looks Like A Person

Image source: Elektra99

#29 I Thought This Gourd Looked Like A Snail

Image source: snaz27

#30 This Eggplant Has A Face

Image source: imgur.com