18 Fun Facts About Some of the Most Adorable and curious Animals

There are so many curious and beautiful things in this world. Most of these things we do not know about them. Animals have some excellent skills, and that may surprise us. There are so many remarkable facts about all animals in the world. 

Therefore Brainy Dragon collected some fantastic facts about some curious animals. we hope you will learn something new and enjoy the tremendous creatures on the earth 

1. Most penguins are monogamous.

Most penguins stay with the same partner for their whole life, and they propose! Male penguins gift pebbles to female penguins. If they accept, they become mates for their entire life. These penguins use rocks to build their nests, making them together.

2. Dolphins have names

Dolphins communicate using whistles. From analyzing whistles, they can indeed name each other. In addition, dolphins use a distinct whistle to call other dolphins. 

3. Elephants can’t Jump 

Elephants can run fast, up to 15 miles per hour, but can’t jump. Because of their weight, they have weak leg muscles and inflexible ankles. Animals need strong Achilles tendons and calf muscles to jump.

4. Crocodiles are really sensitive.

Crocodiles present small sensory bumps over their bodies to help detect water pressure changes. Their face also shows tiny bubbles, which are touch sensors. As a result, crocodiles’ faces are more sensitive than human fingertips.

5. Rhinos have related to horses

Some people think that Rhinos are close relatives to hippos. On the contrary, rhinos are relative to the horse family. Donkeys and zebras are also associated with this genetic family.

6. the narwhal’s horn is actually a tooth

People think these narwhals are like unicorns, but their horn is a tooth that grows outside the mouth. Male’s tusk that grows up to 10 feet. Inside horns have up to 10 million nerve ends inside, so it is susceptible.

7. Male bats songs

Male bats sing ” love songs.” to attract a mate. It has been discovered that they use grammar and syllables in their songs. It is unusual in mammals. They sing like birds.

8. Gorillas are incredibly strong

Gorillas can lift ten times more than their weight, so we may share a lot of DNA with them. In addition, they are more powerful than any human. Adult-grown silverback gorilla is more robust than an adult 20 human. They can lift 4,000 lb and have more vital bite force than lions.

9. Prairie dogs kiss

Praire dogs touch their mouths as greetings. They sometimes feel tongues. This kissing is often like loving behavior like cuddling and playing. Scientists discovered that they do it when people-watching in the zoo.

10. Hippose spend time in the water because of their dry skin

The reason hippos spend more time in the water is they present dry skin needs to be hydrated. So they spend 16 hours in water to keep their skin cool and moist.

11. Llamas are really sociable

Lamas especially being friendly with people. Llamas don’t like living alone. They also like dogs and want to be a friend.

12. Lions sleep a lot

Male lions sleep up to 20 hours, and Female lions sleep up to 18 hours a day as they spend much time hunting and caring for cubs. The reserve energy for hunting animals at the night

13. Monkeys and apes can do maths

They can understand written numbers. They can count numbers and basic addition. Some monkeys can do multiplication. Scientists are also interested.

14. Tigers are good at doing impressions.

Tigers mimic the sounds of other animals when they are hunting. It makes them very effective predators. For example, they lure the animal to them so they can hunt it.

15. Polar bears aren’t actually white.

Polar bears actually have black skin, and there is no white pigment, and it is translucent. So it looks like white when reflected by the sun. So it allows them to camouflage in the arctic environment. So it is an advantage for polar bears.

16. Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp

Flamingos are actually white, but the shrimp that they eat makes them to pink color. This is because pigments found in shrimp and algae they eat are deposited in their feathers. It makes pink Flamingos.

17. Koalas has fingerprints

Koalas have the same fingerprints as humans Scientists also can’t find the difference. Fingerprints are helpful to them to grip trees, and also they increase the sensitivity of the fingers. In addition, they are picky eaters, and it helps them to inspect their food before eating.

18. Sloths can hold their breaths longer than dolphins.

Sloths are very slow animals in water; also, they can slow their breathing and heart rate. They can stay 40 minutes in the water; meanwhile, dolphins have to come up every 10 minutes.