14 Body Language Signs Which Will Reveal The Truth About Your Relationship

Body language says a lot about us. The first time we touched her hands, our first hug, or our first kiss might be among the sweetest memories of our lives, and in the same way, we would know all her moods and state just by seeing her. When we are deeply attached, we will become able to read her gestures and what she is thinking, which is one fantastic thing about all committed relationships. Sometimes, your lover may not tell you about the hardships in their life, but you will know that they are feeling down because you will see them staring into space without blinking an eye.

On the other hand, when we are deeply in love, our partners will not take their gaze away from us and will not stop showering us with kisses. So, next time we are together, check out these things, and you will be able to identify several new things about your lover!

#1. The gazing

If your partner meets their eyes and holds them for a little longer than usual, that means they’re pleased with you. They’ll probably do the same thing again later in the evening. This is a good sign because it shows that your partner is genuinely interested in getting to know you better.

#2. Turning their body towards you

When people keep their feet close to each other, they show their affection. You should know that such behavior is not just limited to couples. Sometimes, people who are not in love do the same thing. This is because they are trying to express something.

#3. Women bend their bodies toward their partner

When a woman deepens into a relationship, she tends to lean forward and keep her shoulders back. This makes her look taller and slimmer and gives her confidence.

#4. Men like to look more significant and strong

Men like to keep close and as powerful as possible. When they are talking, they straighten themselves up with arms and akimbo. They would occasionally lean against windows with their hands at shoulder height to invade your personal space.

#5. Hands touching often

When you are deeply into love, you would realize how much you connect physically. You would also notice that your hands touch each other quite often, even without reason, and you would find yourself loving them more. Physical intimacy will be maintained.

#6. The attraction of eyes

Sometimes, at the very beginning of your relationship, you might notice that the person of your choice always tries to maintain eye contact with you. Even though you may be with others, they always keep an eye on you.

#7. Smiling wide

Men do not smile wide-eyed very often. They stop smiling at the age of about five years. According to psychologists Patti Wood, when men smile wide-eyed around you, they are so into you.

#8. Using the same gestures

When you notice that your partner is also doing what you do and saying what you say, that means they are subconsciously trying to copy you because they love you.

#9. Turning the body away

When your partner doesn’t want to talk to you and avoids your gaze, they feel troubled about something. Give them the-time and attention they require so they can feel better.

#10. No closeness

When she does not like you and wants to leave, you will notice that she doesn’t like being touched as earlier. Kissing would be brief and formal; even during sleep, she would move away from you. This is an alarming sign for your relationship!

#11. The weak enthusiasm

When they lose interest in you, your stories won’t be appreciated anymore. Your jokes will no longer be received with any enthusiasm. That means you should stop wasting your time on them.

#12. The crossed arms and legs

The crossed arms and feet during a conversation, eyes averting the gaze, and the indistinct voice of your partner are signs of a problematic relationship. When your partner behaves this way, you should pay more attention to your-relationship.

#13. Breaking etiquette

Simple manners like opening doors for you, letting him go first, or never strolling with you are signs that your-relationship is beginning to deteriorate from your partner.

#14. No caress but information

When people are deeply fascinated, they would care and pay attention to their lover more. But when they’re not in love, you’ll notice that your girlfriend tells you that your hair is messed up without trying to fix it. They wouldn’t like to get involved in your things, so there’d be a distance between you two.

Nevertheless, remember that these are just indications of a terminal stage in your romance. If you manage to work things through, then you may still have hope for a bright future.