10 Sacrificed Our Parents Made for Us, And We Don't Even Know About Them

When we are young, we don’t respect our parents as much as we should since we take their love for us for granted. But as we age, we come to appreciate how much our parents gave up for us to have a wonderful upbringing. If we ever needed more reasons to adore them, these are the top 10! They’ve been through a lot to help make us who we are today.

1. They made sure you had the best, even when they were at their worst.


For-parents, their kids are everything, and they’d do anything to put a grin on their faces. Instead of buying new and better things, moms and dads put their kids first and ensure they are happy and content. Your mom and dad always put your comfort before their own.

2. They sacrificed their sleep so you could dream big.

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Having a child means losing sleep (for years). But we aren’t pointing at the obvious. A newborn brings about significant changes in your life, including financial planning. New parents start working harder to earn more money for the expenses they’ll incur in the future. In reality, expectant parents are just so dedicated to providing for their children’s futures that they work harder and produce better employees. Your parents were so true to giving you everything you wanted that they worked tirelessly to ensure your success.

3. They gave up their hobbies.

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Being a parent is similar to having a full-time job. When a new baby is born, it can make taking care of yourself difficult. Keeping your hobby alive can be hard when you have a little one who needs attention. Spending quality-time with your kids, teaching them, watching them grow up… these things take time and energy. Parents often give up on their hobbies once they have a child.

4. They left everything and cared for you when you were sick.

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When you’re sick, you automatically think about your parents. Since you were born, they’ve been on their toes regarding your health and well-being. They’ve spent days and nights looking out for you and taking care of you for whatever illness you might have. They put everything else in their life on hold so that they can take care of you.

5. They spent more time with you and put their social life on hold.

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Parents should spend time with their kids to build a strong family bond. However, in today’s fast-paced world, we can’t afford to sacrifice our social lives. We must prioritize spending quality time with our families and not just meeting them weekly.

6. They shared that last piece of food with you when they were hungry.


This is a personal opinion and something your parents would never tell you, especially if they knew how much you love to eat. When children ask for food, I often give them my portion and then go to bed without eating. Sometimes, if there is only enough food left for me, I’ll give it to my kids and go to bed hungry.

7. Privacy became a luxury they couldn’t afford.

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The privacy they enjoy before having children goes out the window after birth for a couple. Children follow their parents everywhere, asking them countless questions, and always wanting to sleep with them too. Parents happily oblige, with smiles on-their faces.

8. They saved up for your future instead of spending-big on themselves.

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When we grow up, we realize how hard work is. We understand that no one can do everything alone. We also learn that if we want something done right, we must do it ourselves. And so, we work hard every day to provide for ourselves and our families. We save money for the future because we know we won’t live forever.

9. They kept-calm when you destroyed their favorite things.

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Parenting is hard work. You have to deal with your children accidentally breaking your expensive stuff, switching the channel to your favorite cartoon when you desperately wanted them to stop playing that game, spilling your embarrassing secrets, and so on. But your parents told you, “It’s okay,” when you broke their favorite thing and pretended it didn’t hurt them deep down.

10. They gave you their whole heart.

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As we grow up, we learn that no one loves us as much as our parents and that we should be grateful for every moment we spend with them. We know about the true meaning of unconditional love and the importance of being kind and understanding towards others. Our dear parents teach us the actual value of life and show us how much they care for us. So give your dear parents a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.